Welcome to the Mr. Norms Sport Club,
where "Customers Are Kings."

Mr Norms all new sports club will take you back and introduce you to the fun and excitement of Grand Spaulding Dodge of the 60s. A dealer that was dedicated to selling high performance cars, parts, and service. 'WHERE KIDS WERE KINGS'

Back in the sizzling '60's, when a new high performance Dodge was sold at Grand Spaulding, each vehicle was power tuned, the carburetor was rejetted, the distributor was recurved and light weight springs were installed with full advance at only 800 rpm. The Dodge was then run on the Clayton Dynamometer to simulate track conditions at 5000 rpm and the distributor was locked for peak performance.
In addition, each high performance Dodge purchaser received a membership in the Mr. Norm's Sport Club, including the famous window decals, a Grand Spaulding emblem on the trunk lid and a license plate frame, letting everyone know that you were a member of the Sport Club. In the 1960's when you were a member of the club, every member received a monthly news letter that kept them posted on all service and parts specials, sales contests, and special events which always gave the race car schedule, plus a subscription to Drag News.

Now, I am excited to bring back the legendary Mr. Norm's Sport Club.

It may be a new century, but the Sport Club will have all the same energy and excitement we infused in Grand Spaulding Dodge in the golden era of high performance. We'll will take you into the future with a regular newsletter, discounts from sponsors, special events and a web site that will make you proud to be a part of the all new club.

So join us and share in the fun and excitement that you can only experience by being a member of the Mr. Norms Sport Club.

Your friend in performance,

Mr. Norm


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